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      Huanggang Road-Cum-Rail Yangtze River Bridge

      Source:    Date:2014-11-06  

      It is a double-deck steel truss cable-stayed bridge with total length os 4.01km, length of main span is 567m, length of rail-cum-road section is 2.567km. The upper deck is four-lane expressway, lower deck is double-lane railway. This bridge is a important link between Beijin--Jiulong Railway Line and Wuhan--Jiujiang Railway Line, also is a important link between Daqing—Guangzhou Expressway Hubei Section and Wuhan—Ezhou Expressway, it is the key rail transportation for the inter-city train from Wuhan--Huanggang.
      It was commenced in February 2010, and it will be completed in 2014.