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      Legal Declaration

      Source:    Date:2010-07-16  

      1.The Website

      (1) The website is to provide the users with more information, while the accuracy, integrity and the legality of the external links and their contents provided by the website shall not be guaranteed, and it shall not undertake any legal liability. 

      (2) The articles (including reproduced articles) are copyrighted by original authors. If the authors have the copyright statements or the articles reproduced from other websites attached with the original copyright statements, which shall prevail in copyright ownership decision. The articles only represent f the authors’ points of view and have nothing to do with the standpoint of the website.


      (1) This website shall be absolutely exempted from any responsibility for all the inconvenience and loss during the service suspension period, provided that such suspension is resulted by the system maintenance or updating, hardware failure or other force majeure. 

      (2) This website shall be absolutely exempted from any responsibility for the disclosure, loss, theft or tampering of personal data caused by the force majeure which affects the normal operation of the network, such as hack attack, computer viruses attack or temporary closure due to government control.

      3.Legal Liability  

      (1) The users shall bear all the consequences caused by violating the laws of P.R.C. due to breaching the provisions of this statement and the website shall not undertake any responsibility.

      (2) Whoever accessing to this website in any way, directly or indirectly using the data provided by the website shall be deemed to be voluntarily constrained by the statement.

      (3) The issues that are not covered in this statement shall refer to the relevant state laws and regulations. When conflicts occur between them, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.