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      Hubeis 40th Yangtze River Bridge began to construction

      Source:    Date:2022-10-12  

      On September 30, the province's largest investment in the Yangtze River Bridge - Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge started construction. The bridge is the province's 40th, Wuhan's 12th Yangtze River bridge, by Hubei Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. investment in construction, MBEC participate in the construction. As of October 8, Xinzhou side of the north main tower pile foundation first pile has been drilled to more than 100 meters below the platform, the Yangtze River across the Huarong side of the first pile has completed drilling, pouring.

      Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge and link project is a river crossing of Xingang Expressway. This project is 34.697 km long with an estimated project investment of 15.978 billion RMB and a construction period of 48 months. The main line of Xingang Expressway is constructed in the form of full bridge structure with a design speed of 120 km/h, passing through Xinzhou District, Wuhan City and Huarong District, Ezhou City. Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge as the key node project of the whole line of the Xingang Expressway project, the main bridge with a main span of 1430 meters of double-tower single-span steel box girder suspension bridge across the river, the bridge width of 50.5 meters, is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2026.