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      Construction of the pile foundation of the north main tower of Yanji Yangtze River Bridge completed

      Source:    Date:2022-09-22  

      At 23:00 on September 10, with the last conduit slowly put out of the hole, the construction of the north main tower pile foundation of Yanji Yangtze River Bridge constructed by China Railway Bridge Bureau was all completed, and the cofferdam assembly was about to be carried out.

      The main bridge span of Yanji Yangtze River Bridge is 1860 meters long. The bridge across the Yangtze River with one span connecting Ezhou city and Huanggang city, the upper level of the highway, the lower level of the city expressway, designed for different drape four main cable double highway suspension bridge structure system.

      North main tower is located in the suburbs of Huanggang city, about 370 meters from the flood control dike, the riverbed geology is complex, the sedimentary construction stratigraphic area with 25 ~ 35 meters super thick cover. High bedrock strength poses great challenges and risks for pile foundation construction. The construction was carried out in accordance with the procedures of bank slope protection, drilling platform erection, inserting shoring, etc. The drilling was synchronized by 10 KTY4000 rotary drilling rigs. The machinery was kept 24 hours a day and the personnel took shifts to ensure that 56 piles of 3.2 meters in diameter and 44 meters in length were completed on schedule. The next step will be to assemble and lower the cofferdam, and to carry out construction work such as bearing platform to ensure that the annual production target is achieved.