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      The longest section of the main line of Qimen-Wuyuan Expressway is fully completed

      Source:    Date:2022-08-18  

      On August 6, with the last steel-mixed laminated beam of Qimen-Wuyuan Expressway Xinting Bridge falling steadily on the cover beam, the whole line of Qimen-Wuyuan Expressway A2 standard constructed by MBEC was successfully completed, and the project is scheduled to complete all construction tasks before the end of September this year.

      A2 sectionof Qimen-Wuyuan expressway standard project is located in Wuyuan county, along the line with complex topography, mountain gullies, forest coverage rate of 83%, the project construction is difficult and environmental protection requirements are high. As the longest section of main line of Qimen-Wuyuan Expressway, A2 section standard of Qimen-Wuyuan Expressway is 16.14 km long, including 11 main line bridges, 6 interchange and connection bridges, 2 tunnels and 31 culverts. The 60-meter π-type steel-mixed laminated girder used in the project construction is the first of its kind in the country and sets a new record for the largest span of prefabricated steel-mixed laminated girder of domestic expressway.