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        Chairman of the Board:Mr. Wen Wusong

        General Manager : Mr. Li Xiaofeng

        Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering : Mr. Qin Shunquan

        Deputy General Manager : Mr. Huang Zhijin

        Chief Accountant & General Counsel : Mr. Gu Jihong

        Deputy Secretary of Communist Party and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Communist Party : Mr. Wang Xiaoping

        Deputy General Manager: Mr. Liu Jiewen

        Deputy General Manager: Mr. Xiao Jiapeng

        Deputy General Manager: Mr. Li Fucang

        Deputy General Manager : Mr. Ji Yuehua

        Deputy General Manager: Mr. Cai Dengshan

        Chief Engineer: Mr. Pan Dongfa

        Deputy General Manager: Mr. Luo Bing

        Deputy General Manager: Mr. Zhang Hongxin

        Deputy General Manager : Mr. Liu Jianhua